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Phantom Flex 4K

Phantom Flex 4K

4096 x 2160 @1000 fps (Super 35mm Sensor Size) // 1920 x 1080 @2000 fps (Super 16mm Sensor Size)

Phantom Flex 4K

Phantom Flex 4K

Sensitivity 500 ISO // Records ultra high speed and standard frame rates






Maximum Frame Rates


900 fps @4096x2304 (super 35mm sensor size) - 4K - 1,78

1000 fps @4096 x 2160 (super 35mm sensor size) - 4K DCI - 1,9

2000 fps @1920 x 1080 (super 16mm sensor size) - Full HD - 1,78




EI 250 ISO to 2000 ISO (recommended between 400 and 600 ISO)





Phantom Flex 4K  64GB internal memory

3 x 1 TB Cinemag IV for optimal rushes managment

Cinestation IV


Lightweight download station


High speed download & transcoding station







< Phantom Flex 4K datasheet >



< Phantom high speed cameras Line Up >



< 35mm digital sensor fields of view >



Phantom Flex 4K RAW footage sample


< Flashbulb Test _ 1000fps _ 4096*2160_DOP Emilie Gueret _ 3.22GB >


< Color Chart Test _ 4096*2304 _ 42.7Mo >





Phantom Tools App for IOS



Phantom Flex 4K demo footage by Greg Wilson



Phantom Flex 4K FAQs by AbelCine



Recording time calculator


for the calculator, please use the following values for BFC's camera :

camera model : Phantom Flex 4K

bit depth : 12 bits

memory : 64GB


Phantom Flex 4K Twitter Feed for fresh news



Phantom Flex 4K :: Geppetto & The Whales - Jonathan Official Video

Music video shot on Phantom Flex 4K and Cooke S4 in our studio in Brussels

Dir :: Michael Van Ostade

DOP :: Hyun De Grande

Phantom Flex 4K Test

Testing our Phantom Flex 4K, shooting some highlights in our backyard on a sunny day 

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Phantom Flex 4K
Phantom Flex 4K
Phantom Flex 4K in the fields
Phantom Flex Line-up
Phantom Family
Phantom Flex 4K on set
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