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T-REX Multidirectional Lens System

The T-REX Multidirectional lens is a multifunctional modular optical system


Aperture : T7,1  (T5,6 Borescope Module)


Features : Pan, Tilt, Image rotation 360 °, Built-in zoom, Macro function, Borescope module



>> Video : T-Rex demo by P+S Techniks


< T-Rex Multidirectional Lens System Datasheet >

Cinemagic Revolution Multidirectional Lens System

The Cinemagic Revolution isthe world's first snorkel lens system that allows live

panning of the objective lens while maintaining a level horizon


Aperture : T7,1


Revolution System Configurations : Swivel, Borescope, Periscope


System Mount : Mini-PL, Multi-mount (PL, Nikon, ... )


Mini PL set of lenses : 9.5,12,16,20,24,32,40,60mm + 100mm Macro




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